Property Treaty

OdysseyRe underwrites Property Treaty on both a proportional and excess of loss basis, offering lead capacity. With Property operations spanning the globe, OdysseyRe is positioned to help our client base wherever opportunity arises. Our underwriting teams’ territory-specific expertise allows us to offer the most competitive prices possible. In addition, unlike many reinsurers, our underwriters run their own catastrophe models, integrating quantitative output into an informed underwriting decision.

Our main areas of interest include:

  • Pro-rata, per risk and catastrophe excess of loss protections covering personal and/or commercial lines portfolios,
  • Terrorism covers
  • Agricultural Lines (Hail and Multi Peril Crop Insurance)

Our Property clients range from small companies to the world’s largest multinational insurers, and include mutual companies, diversified multiline stock companies, surplus lines and specialty carriers, and captives.