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Executive Team

  • Brian Young

    Brian Young

    President & Chief Executive Officer

  • Brian Quinn

    Brian Quinn

    Chief Executive Officer,
    North America

  • Philippe Mallier

    Philippe Mallier

    Chief Executive Officer, Latin America

  • Isabelle Dubots-Lafitte

    Isabelle Dubots-Lafitte

    Chief Executive Officer,
    Europe, Middle East & Africa

  • Lucien Pietropoli

    Lucien Pietropoli

    Chief Executive Officer, AsiaPacific

  • Carl Overy

    Carl Overy

    Chief Executive Officer, London

  • Alane Carey

    Alane Carey

    Executive Vice President,
    Global Marketing

  • Elizabeth Sander

    Elizabeth Sander

    Executive Vice President
    & Chief Actuary

  • Michael Wacek

    Michael Wacek

    Executive Vice President
    & Chief Risk Officer

  • Jeffrey Rubin

    Jeffrey Rubin

    Senior Vice President
    & Director, Global Claims

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