Global Direct and Facultative Unit

Property Risks

Facultative Reinsurance and Primary Insurance

Odyssey is offering coverage as insurance or facultative reinsurance, including captives, for all classes of property:

  • Capacity is up to USD 2,500,000
  • Exposure is worldwide
  • Participation can be facultative reinsurance, including captives, or a low primary layer written as direct insurance
  • All classes of property are eligible to be written, including general real estate, mining, chemicals, manufacturing, oil & gas, and more
  • All perils can be considered, including all Natural Catastrophe perils worldwide
  • Focusing on severity rather than frequency loss experience
  • High rate on line business, aiming at average 30% (20% ROL and up)
  • Policies are underwritten using either Odyssey Reinsurance Company paper for reinsurance policies, or Hilltop Specialty Insurance Company for non-admitted primary insurance written in the US
  • Underwriting team based in New York.
  • Quick turnaround on submissions, typically within 48 hours
  • Accounting and Claims handling by a professional team fully integrated with the seasoned Latin America Fac operation in Odyssey’s Mexico office


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